“Sometimes there is no warning. Things occur in seconds. Everything changes. You’re alive. You’re dead. And things move on. We are paper thin. We exist on luck amid the percentages, temporarily.”
(Charles Bukowski)

Hello, its Federico.
My life was roughly going on, until an incident turned the light off.

Luckly i was close to a fantastic Hospital, and an ambulance speedly come to gather me and try to save my day in a mess lake.
I like to imagine me in a black&white frame: outstretched with no will to get up, surrounded by people determined to bring me home (where, probably, my family was taking care of the dinner).

The feeling to be surrounded of people taking care of me …. the first face i saw when i opened my eyes, the moment i realized my mom has an enviable and clear steadly trust in destiny and a beautiful family.
The awareness that we dont need thousand of acquaintances, but alone we are nothing: the rediscover of lost friends and some new caress.

I closed these emotions, together with something harder to describe, inside some lyrics and we arranged them into music .. so that it could all have a start, some peaks .. and an end.

So that could be ideally shooted in some frames and sealed in an emotional space … and left on a table, gived away to a friend, forgotten and then rediscovered again.

Because i had the fear, in facing the trauma, the recovery and the emotions in knowing what i wont have back to evolve, to restart friendships, my job, my life … well, i had the fear to forget the names and the faces of the people that has been, for me and for so many others, so important. People that made the difference in a crucial moment.

If i’m here i owe it to you.