Posted on Friday September 7th, 2018


Home concerts

During the Soviet period, in Russia, many bands were victims of censorship and they could not perform publicly: they organized home concerts sheltered from indiscreet ears. Now we don’t have censorship problems anymore but I believe that playing acoustically in a narrower context allows a much deeper exchange of emotions: we can organize concerts from 1 […]

Posted on Wednesday September 5th, 2018


Stage Show

We are working on drama to stage the principles underlying the DalVivo Trio project: Gratitude and the power of Art in the processing of traumas (MusicTherapy and naturally ArtTherapy in general). It should see the light at the end of 2019: if you want to stay updated please fill the following form!

Posted on Wednesday September 28th, 2016


Running on Ice – DalVivo trio

Here’s out first homemade video, Running on Ice, part of the DalVivo Trio project. Here’s the link: Here’s the lyrics: unfortunately i sung it with some mistakes, but … what the hell, nothing is perfect :) (i’m) Running, from this days made of things to do I’m running, from the fears that I shared […]

Posted on Sunday July 10th, 2016


English version!

Yesterday i spent a beautiful sunny afternoon at home recording new ideas and today in translating the site in english !! Why, i wondered, having the lyrics in english and the site in italian only ?? MMMMM … its been quicker to translate it than finding an answer ;)