Posted on Wednesday September 28th, 2016


Running on Ice – DalVivo trio

Here’s out first homemade video, Running on Ice, part of the DalVivo Trio project. Here’s the link: Here’s the lyrics: unfortunately i sung it with some mistakes, but … what the hell, nothing is perfect 🙂 (i’m) Running, from this days made of things to do I’m running, from the fears that I shared […]

Posted on Sunday July 10th, 2016


English version!

Yesterday i spent a beautiful sunny afternoon at home recording new ideas and today in translating the site in english !! Why, i wondered, having the lyrics in english and the site in italian only ?? MMMMM … its been quicker to translate it than finding an answer 😉

Posted on Tuesday June 14th, 2016


Concerto DalVivo acustico, le foto !

All’approssimarsi del nostro concerto alla Festa della Musica 2016 di Torino, suoneremo alle 23 in Galleria Umberto I, mi rendo conto di non aver pubblicato nessuna immagine che ci ritrae all’opera !!! E allora ecco qui qualche foto di DalVivo Acoustic Trio .. in versione DUO SEMI acustico 😉 alla serata al Rhummore a Torino. […]